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Made in Alaska

Huge mountains, hungry wildlife + lots of weather.

We know a thing or two about being prepared when we go out with our horses.

Are you ready for Spring Showers?

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"The unlikely invention that could save your life!" 

~Horse Illustrated

“This may just be the best horse clothing investment I’ve ever made- the skirt is tough, waterproof, and best of all WARM! I can’t get enough of this skirt- I wear it even when I’m not riding!"




“Love the skirt. My horse loves it, too. Keeps us both warm. We rode in a snowstorm the other day and loved it.” 


"Thank you Arctic Horse for the outstanding experience and for my absolutely well crafted skirts both long and short. I love them and can’t wait to see what’s next.” 


All Weather Riding Skirts aren't about wearing a skirt on a horse.

Awarded Most Innovative Product of the Year ~ Western & English Sales Association

Our #1 Question: Which Riding Skirt do I need?

Which Skirt do I need?

A Heritage of Sewing Excellence

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